la9526 Plz Read Item Condi Nintendo DS Lite Noble Pink Console Japan

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The item will be shipped without a battery. The item works. The hinge is broken. There is no stylus. The upper screen does not work. The screen has a line(s) The GameBoy Advance cartridge does not work with this console. The L button does not work. The R button does not work. The pictures show all of the actual item that you will receive. You won't receive what are not on the pictures. Please check the item condition on the pictures well. This is Japanese Version. DS and DS LITE consoles can play English Game Cartridges and can change language from Japanese to English. For video game console customer: Our video game console is used. So the condition of the power switch is not perfect. If it does not work, please try some times by moving battery or turning on carefully. We guarantee the power switch works at least once in 5 times. The shipping fee does not include import tax. You need to pay import tax if your customs charge you. It is your duty to pay import tax.