oa4505 Yao’s Costume Northern Thailand Folk Art

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The pictures show all of the actual item that you will receive. You won't receive what are not on the pictures. Please check the item condition on the pictures well. In the hills of northern Thailand, there live some 19 hill tribes, or the ethnic groups such as the Lafu, Lisu, Akha, Miao, Yao. Each ethnic group wears particular type of the costume like a uniform. Thus one can identify them by the costume when encountering in the mountains.This is a set of the woman’s costume of the Yao, comprising a pair of trousers, top coat and a long cloth for the terban, accompanying with a silver belt and a pair of silver colored ornament to hang on the front collar. Refer to the accompanied pages of photo. The detailed style of the costume differs due to the area. Thus the woolen color doesn’t seen in this set. All hand made. The cloth is made by cotton, dyed in vegetable indigo and woven by a loom. Obtained in 1970’s.